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The smarter way to upgrade to a real Ferrari racing experience.

Do you want to experience the next level of racing? With Boxlite Racing, we’ll put you behind the wheel of a real professional race car without the need for you to invest in one. You don’t even have to spend time in the paddock if you won’t want to, we’ll take care of all off-track service for you.


Club Membership

All the benefits of driving a Ferrari on a world class track without worrying about planning, maintencance, and taxes.

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Corporate Events

Treat clients and partners to an exclusive event they’ll never forget. We’ll take care of everything, and it's 100% tax-deductable.

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Train with a Pro

Improve your skills and challenge your limits every time you drive with private instruction from our experienced race coach.

Meet Federico

Drive the best

Proudly pilot the Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO, the most powerful car in the history of one-make series.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge is an ever-youthful championship, fresh and full of energy, a series which over the course of it’s 22 years has known how to renew itself regularly to become even more interesting. The Challenge’s powertrain features specific engine mapping, optimized for racing performance, and shorter gear ratios providing up to an 11.6% increase on acceleration out of all turns compared to the naturally-aspirated 488 Challenge EVO.

Club Membership

Experience the best racing has to offer at a substantial discount to the classic trackday system. Corporate memberships are 100% deductible, and you’ll be associating your brand with the best racing brand in the market with your company logo highly visibility on Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO.

3 years
renewable (price on request)
10 trackdays
5 weekends
2 drivers
Per car
5 tracks
Barcelona, Valencia, Portimao, Ascari, Jerez

Price on request.

Raceday event will be held in Spain, and the circuit will consist of the following world-famous tracks:

In order to find the best dates available for each member, we will set each season calendar during an exclusive annual member meeting. You will be able to request track swaps and/or changes during this time.

Race the top level of Ferrari Racing tecnology and save a lot of money when compared to the cost of the classic trackday system. On top of that, you may be able to deduct 100% of the cost through our corporate sponsorship system: associate your brand to the best racing car brand in the market and expand your company's visibility during Ferrari corporate events.

Each club membership consists of a 3 year sponsorship agreement (price on request and includes up to 2 drivers each race event). Each club member can participate in up to 5 race events per year (5 weekends) and drive a Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO. Each club member can promote his or her company with a custom logo printed on the Ferrari. Each club member accept that the cars will be rented out during non-race weekends to private corporate events. Each club members accept that Boxlite racing will promote his or her company during these events with photos and videos that may be shared on websites and social media platforms.

The club members have a several rules that they have to respect if they want to stay in the exclusive members club.

Special services are available to club members:

You don’t have to buy the car, you just get to race it.

Corporate Events

Experience the most exhilirating racing experience of your life in a real Ferrari on one of the most exclusive private racetrack/resort in the world. Bring your customers or company partners for an exclusive event that they will never forget. Corporate Events are 100% tax-deductable, and we will tailor the entire experience for you and your clients needs. Plus, with your branding on the car, your company will earn millions of impressions on social media.

1 raceday
4 cars
Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO
2 drivers
Per car
1 track
World-famous Ascari Racetrack

Live the racing experience of a lifetime with Ferrari on one of the most exclusive private racetracks/resorts in the world. Treat your top customers and corporate partners to an exclusive event that they will never forget.

Boxlite Racing can hold up to 20 events each year with the calendar fixed at the beginning of the season. We have 4 cars available with 2 drivers allowed in each car. The maximum number of people allowed to attend an event is 8 (eight).

Boxlite Ferrari Corporate Race Events are based at the world-famous Ascari Racetrack in Spain and consist of a one-day racing experience in the Ferrari 488 Challenge EVO (4 cars, 2 person per car). Event guests should arrive one day before the race event in order to check into the hotel and attend a special dinner and briefing that evening. The following day will consist of the racing experience day at Ascari Race Resort, with lunch included at the Ascari Club Restaurant.

The Ascari circuit is considered one of the most exclusive racing resorts in the world, with its Michelin star-rated restaurant and luxury hospitality, Ascari is the perfect place to live the Ferrari experience of a lifetime. The 5.4 km long circuit, with 26 curves, is very technical and tests every driver - regardless of their level of experience.

The price is calculated at 10.500,00 euro per person for 2 days (1 day racing). The price is included:

The Boxlite Ferrari corporate event have different important advantages

Attendees must adhere to several rulesif they want to experince the Ferrari Corporate Event:

Special services are available to corporate event participants:

Train with a Pro

Improve your driving skills with private instruction from our coach, Federico Crozzolo.


Congratulations on taking the first step to drive with Boxlite Racing. Membership is selective, and not everyone that applies is extended an offer to join. To get started, please provide your basic contact information, and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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