The new 488 Challenge Evo has developed a kit that increases the car’s overall performance and its consistency in race conditions, and also improves the handling for even better feedback and driving pleasure.


The updated version of the competition model is designed to offer even higher performance, more consistency during racing and greater driving pleasure.

MORE DOWNFORCE: The new look increases the downforce. The Maranello company has deeply revisited the aerodynamics of the sports car, especially on the front, achieving a 30% improvement in efficiency.

MORE EFFICENT: The 488 Challenge Evo has an updated braking system with new discs: the front has changed the design, while the rear has increased the diameter. The tires are also new (275 / 675-19 at the front and 315 / 705-19 at the rear) developed by Pirelli on various European circuits to guarantee greater performance and less performance degradation during the races.

at 8.000 RPM
Torque at 3.000 RPM
0 - 100 Km/h


MORE RACING : The interior, with its decidedly racing character, features a conceptually different kind of steering wheel, developed from the experience gained with the FXX-K Evo and the 488 GTE.

The steering wheel, with integrated paddle shift, significantly improves ergonomics so the driver can always keep their hands in an ideal position, bringing advantages in terms of visibility and control of the car’s systems.


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